George Samiec


Pastor Samiec comes from Australia. He was ordained in the Lutheran Church of Australia in 1986. He has served in Australia for 16 years – 8 years in parishes and 8 years as a chaplain/teacher at a Lutheran College. He served on a numerous committees including the Lutheran Church of Australia’s Commission on Worship, Department of Liturgics, Board for Lutheran Education Australia, and the Queensland District Church Council.

In November 2002, George arrived in England to be the first pastor at Ascension Lutheran Church, Suffolk. He is a sessional lecturer in pastoral theology and education at Westfield House (Cambridge) and oversees the fieldwork programme. He has served on the Executive Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England as the Vice Chairman (2010 – 2019), Pastoral Councillor (2003 – 2009), and Acting ELCE Treasurer (over numerous periods of time). In 2019 he was elected as the Chairman of the ELCE. Between 2003-2008 he was the Secretary for the ELCE’s Board for Youth. In 2005 he relaunched the magazine *The British Lutheran* and was its Editor until 2019. He also serves as Police Chaplain for Suffolk Constabulary and is a Royal Naval Reserve Chaplain for the local Sea Cadet Unit (Mildenhall and District). He was the Secretary of the European Lutheran Conference (2006 – 2018) and currently is a member of the Board of the International Lutheran Council. He also serves a number of ELCE congregations and missions as their locum pastor.