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May 8, 2022

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

I was saddened to read and hear a story of a naval chaplain who had retired having lost his faith. He describes himself now as an atheist and a humanist. A lot of the material in his story was about – and the material was framed in a way that he was ‘chaplaincy reformer’ who […]

May 1, 2022

The Third Sunday of Easter

Whoops! “Oh Padre!” came the quiet comments – intakes of breath from the cadets – as well as smirks from the staff. We had just finished Colours at Sea Cadets and I had been dismissed but was still on deck as were the cadets and my phone rang. Phones are not to ring on Parade. […]

April 24, 2022

The Second Sunday of Easter

I was intrigued to hear that from these past two years with COVID-19 a thing called ‘long grief’ is now being discussed which I discovered was a short hand for prolonged grief disorder. And yes, I was intrigued especially in this season of Easter – the seven weeks of Easter before Pentecost comes around – […]

May 17, 2021

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

Portions of a sermon on the Ascension of Jesus (based on Mark 16:14-20) by Martin Luther in 1523. [German text: Erlangen Edition, 12:169; Walch Edition, 11:1256; St. Lou- is Walch, 11:931.] Now we must consider the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the first place, it is easily said and understood that the Lord […]

May 2, 2021

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

We sum up people pretty quickly. We have expectations about them depending on how they look, sound, even smell. This activity is part of who we are in terms of safety – flight or fight sort of thing – but once that is assessed, what else we might do can be very varied – and […]

April 25, 2021

The Fourth Sunday of Easter

Knowing what we should do doesn’t mean we do it. We all know that – and whether it is good health advice we accept (but don’t do) or something personal we want to do but find ourselves struggling with again and again – we are very much aware that changing behaviour can be really hard […]

April 18, 2021

The Third Sunday of Easter

The pandemic has shrunk our social circles, interactions, and horizons. The family networks remain unchanged but we miss seeing loved ones – being in the same room – as we used to do so. We miss the hugs – even if on reflection, some of them may have been rather perfunc- tory. And we have […]

April 11, 2021

The Second Sunday of Easter

The death of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, has brought the nation to mourning, reflection, comment on social media, and physically distanced acts of remembrance and grieving. Our response has a noticeable public dimension because Prince Philip was such a public person. His death brings mortality more to the fore though, at this […]

June 2, 2019

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

The virtual reality church segment on BBC Radio Sunday piqued my interest. While there is a pastor and there are people, there is no church building as such and the congregation meets in virtual reality or by watching it online. The pastor said that his work is particularly for those who for whatever reason can’t […]

May 26, 2019

The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Writing these ‘blurbs’ is always interesting in terms of fast and slow. Sometimes the idea or incident or trigger just leaps onto the page and at other times I am in the Outback with not even a drop of an idea. It occurred to me that I’d write about time. That was because this week […]

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