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Time after Epiphany
February 3, 2013

4th Sunday after The Epiphany

Not happy. That’s how I was leaving the Apple store in Cambridge. I had gone in as a ‘last resort’ sort of thing to enquire about or have them take out a broken ear plug from my iPod. The store was busy – lots of customers – lots of people wanting to help – they […]

January 27, 2013

3rd Sunday after The Epiphany

I was sitting in the foyer of a Lisbon museum waiting and therefore people watching. Generally we’re all strangers (except for the staff who can see each other!) – rushing past – mostly Portuguese of course – with language and culture in common going about their interests, hobbies, or studies – or waiting. Then I […]

January 20, 2013

2nd Sunday after Epiphany

I follow cycling in the general way of all sport (which means I know of the Tour de France and about Lance Armstrong). I had heard of the interview and the forthcoming confession but wasn’t keen enough to find a way to watch it and was happy to see snippets on the news and internet. […]