The 17th Sunday after Pentecost

A Story Robert opened his diary and began writing.

It was between the Corn Flakes and the Coco Pops when I first saw a Dark Angel. I’ll never forget it. I could tell that he was big and tall. He was dressed in dark blue jeans and he had black boots which had four buckles that went up from the ankle to the top of the boot. His jeans were tucked into the boots. The jacket looked like it was made out of faded black crinkled alfoil. I could only see the back of the jacket clearly and then only up as far as the bottom half of the picture on the jacket. It was a picture of an angel dressed in black with white wings riding a motor bike through a thunderstorm which had lots of lightning in it. Underneath the motorbike were some more dark clouds and written in fancy old fashioned white writing were the words ‘Dark Angels’.

I knew I had to see him clearly. Mum was coming up behind me pushing the shopping trolley dodging all the people in the aisle. She was tired and cross. She always hated pushing the trolleys because they never went where you wanted them to go. Sitting in the front of the trolley was my little sister Sophie who would never sit still and always tried to either jump out onto the floor or reach into the trolley to get something. She was never still. I never liked shopping because Mum always got so grouchy and I’d always get into trouble. But we were nearly finished in the supermarket which was a good thing because I don’t think Mum could fit any more groceries in anyway.

I forgot what Mum had sent me to get from the shelf and ran down to the end of the aisle at top speed so I could see the Dark Angel in the next aisle. I easily dodged all the other trolleys and people and hands reaching for things and only just heard “Robert, come here!” as Mum called out after me.

When I stuck my head around the next aisle to have a peek two things surprised me. The first thing I noticed was that there wasn’t one Dark Angel but two Dark Angels. There was the tall one (the one I’d seen the back of) and there was also another one who was shorter but had a really big tummy. He had real short hair but a real long beard. He also wore a jacket over a black t-shirt but his jeans were black jeans tucked into his boots. They were now slowly walking down the aisle looking at the shelves. The shorter Dark Angel was carrying a couple of things.

The other thing that surprised me was that I could see them clearly. There was no one else in that long aisle at all. I could see people at the top end of the aisle look down but keep pushing their trolleys past and not turn in. People behind me were doing the same. Nobody wanted to be in the same aisle as the Dark Angels.

Then I heard the crash. It came from behind me. First there was an “Oh no!”, then the crash with lots of things falling over, then the crying of a young girl who was obviously hurt. I knew what had happened without looking. Sophie had over balanced the trolley somehow and tipped it over. ‘Serves her right!’, I thought. I sighed as I turned back to see the damage.

“Robert!” Mum’s voice called out. It wasn’t an angry call. It was just my name called out but I could hear that Mum was tired, worried, and just needed my help. I hadn’t been very helpful at all. When I turned into the aisle there was the upturned trolley, groceries everywhere, Mum holding Sophie in one arm, shushing her, and rubbing her head where she’d bumped it.