The 18th Sunday after Pentecost

A Story (Continued)

There were baked bean tins everywhere that had also been knocked over. Mum was trying to look after Sophie, right the trolley, and put things away all at the same time. The worst thing of all was that no one was helping her! People were either going back up the aisle or stepping over the mess and going on.

I ran down to help and Mum just gave me a look that said, “Stay here and help me please. I’ve really had it. Give me a hand. Don’t muck around anymore.” And as she turned her attention to Sophie again I’m sure she said with her eyes to all the people scurrying past in the aisle, “Why don’t you help me?!”.

I began to help. I tried righting the trolley but it was very heavy for me. I lifted at the handle but the wheels at the front meant that it kept moving away from me. Trying to not step on the stuff on the floor I tried again and nearly got it until I slipped on bottle of cooking oil that hadn’t broken. Mum was coming to help me when I noticed two figures come around the end of the aisle. This time as Mum lifted the trolley I didn’t concentrate and the trolley banged into my shin. “Oooww!” I shouted. “Robert please!!” said Mum and this time I thought Mum was going to cry.

By this time the two Dark Angels had come up to us and Mum looked up at the tall one and I could see she was just a tiny bit afraid. It was as if this was one thing she didn’t need right now. The tall Dark Angel just put his hand on the trolley side and righted it. I just stood there with my mouth open. Even Sophie stopped crying.

“Can we help?”, said the Angel with the crew cut.

“Please”, said Mum with a sigh.

It only took what I reckoned was a few seconds (but it must have taken longer) to put everything back on the shelves, all our stuff in the trolley, and we were heading for the check out. The tall Angel pushed Mum’s trolley.

“These are worse to ride than bikes”, he said to Mum as he pushed it for her.

At the checkout we did receive some pretty weird looks but we got through “the fastest we’d ever done” said Mum. The Angels packed our shopping for us and as we went out to the car park we saw their big bikes and Mum even let me have a sit on one of them. Then they walked us to our car and put our groceries in the back and even put Sophie in her car seat.

As they finished Mum said, “Thank you very much for all your help. It wasn’t a good day until you came along.”

“Shopping does that to you”, said the tall Angel with a smile.

“Thank you for helping me. You were the only ones who did.”

“Yep, we go where angels fear to tread”, said the short Angel and he gave a big chuckle, “like into supermarkets”.

I laughed and so did Mum. The tall Angel gave me a little card which had a picture of the angel on the bike in the thunder clouds. “Wow, thanks”, I said. And we got in the car and went home while they walked back to their bikes.

There’s one other thing that happened on the day I met a Dark Angel. That night as I was going to bed I noticed that there was some writing on the back of the card. All it said was ‘Colossians 3:17’. I didn’t understand it and thought it must be some special code. I took it to Mum and she said it was from the Bible.

She read it to me, “Everything you do or say, then, should be done in the name of the Lord Jesus, as you give thanks through him to God the Father”.

Mum just looked at me and said, “Well, I’ll be!”.